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Frampton Comes Alive Again, at Summerfest

July 6, 2017 concert reviews, Reviews Comments Off on Frampton Comes Alive Again, at Summerfest

Peter Frampton – Summerfest Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

On a beautiful Sunday evening along the lakefront of Milwaukee Wisconsin Peter Frampton at 67 proved to us once again that a live concert venue is his forte.
With his golden locks a thing of the past this guitar virtuoso showed US the way.

He took the stage to a capacity crowd and for an hour did not disappoint. He opened the show with a rocking “Something’s  Happening,” and from there kept that pace throughout the entire hour set.
“Lines on My Face” started slow like a love ballad but turned into a long guitar solo ending in a frenzy that had the audience clamerring for more.
“Show Me the Way” with his signature talk box sound that we have come to associate him with was one of the highlights of the evening.
He spoke of his friendship with Chris Cornell as he dedicated Black Hole Sun to his wife and daughter. It was apparent by the way he played that this was a friendship near and dear to him.
He tol d the story of his guitar that was lost in a plane crash in South America in 1980. It was featured on the cover of Frampton Comes Alive. In December 2011 it was returned to him and the first song he played was his signature  “Do You Feel Like We Do.”  Thisnwas also his last song of the evening with  a talking box and long guitar solo.
On a couple of songs he went head to head with his wingman in the battle of the guitars. 
While he no longer has his signature hair his charming personality is very much intact bantering with the audience especially the women vying for his attention.

The highlights of the show included his hits……..
The only thing lacking in this show was it lasted an hour. Clearly this audience would have stayed all night if possible.

At age 14 he was part of trubeats managed by bill woman. He has had a long distinguished career when at the age of 16 he joined the herd and at 18 founded humble pie with ex small faces Steve Marriott. Frampton decided to go solo as live humble pie smokin was climbing the charts due to astirtix differences with Steve Marriott.
He then became a solo and session man. While playing on george Harrison all things must pass he was introduced to the talk box by fellow session man peter drake.
He perfected this method andalong with his rich tenor voice made this his sound.
In 1976 he release frampton comes …..alive which became the top seeking album of that year. He also became a sex symbol for many young women here and in the U.K.

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