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An Eagle Has Landed

April 19, 2017 News Comments Off on An Eagle Has Landed

Timothy B. Schmit at City Winery


Easter Sunday 2017 playing to an almost sold out crowd. Another amazing night at the City Winery! This time we were treated to an excellent two hour performance by the Rock n Roll Hall of Famer, solo flying Eagle Timothy B. Schmit.

Timothy has a long history in the music business. His great bass playing is featured on many artists albums including: Steely Dan’s “Pretzel Logic,” Aja,” and “The Royal Scam.” Albums also by Toto, Jimmy Buffett, Twisted Sister and Poison.

He joined Poco in 1970 replacing founding member bassist Randy Meisner, who then became a founding member of the Eagles a year later. While still in Poco, Timothy got a call to join the Eagles in 1977 to replace, once again, exiting Randy Meisner. Lighting does strike twice! The Eagles went to work immediately on the follow up to 32 million selling monster “Hotel California.” Two years later they gave us “The Long Run” featuring 3 hit singles including the Timothy B. Schmit song “I can’t Tell You Why.”  Schmit plays bass and has sung on every Eagles album since and is still an active member.

Being a huge Eagles fan myself I was expecting a great show and boy did he deliver!
Schmit drew heavy from his Poco days and solo albums, especially his new release “Leap of Faith” Timothy was very talkative with a quiet demeanor as he explained some of the songs he would be performing. He played mostly acoustic/electric guitar all night, switching to bass on a handful of songs. His band was top notch featuring players with a long musical background. My personal highlights amongst many were, a solo performance of the Eagles “Peaceful Easy Feeling” which he announced  This one’s for Glen? Others  included “White Boy from Sacramento” and its funky groove, “Red Dirt Road” and ”My Hat”

And of course, “I Can’t Tell You Why”. It grabbed the crowed from its opening, Motown influenced keyboards and smooth as silk Smokey Robinson style vocals. Schmit enlightened us that it was suggested by Glen Fry to “sing it like Smokey” and add the cool as hell keyboard intro. He also mentioned it was Glen Fry who played the soulful lead guitar solos in the middle and end of the song-wow!

Timothy B. Schmit is definitely  a MUST SEE act. You will leave in musical amazement at this incredible talent. You can see why when Randy Meisner left the Eagles; it was a no brainer to get Timothy B. Schmit into the band!!! Do yourself a favor and catch this High Flying Bird! He’s truly an American treasure!!!

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