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A Hero With A Seven Faces

March 26, 2017 Reviews Comments Off on A Hero With A Seven Faces

Six Stories Tall – Adventure Stage 


In Marco Ramirez’s Six Stories Tall, Adventure Stage Chicago serves up stories of kids, for kids, battling their fears: taking on a familiar cowl to prevent a parents mugging, to challenging a malevolent stranger to a singing contest, to doing an impossible thing to help an ailing grandfather.

A collection of folk tales, monologues, escapades and marvels, the show is cobbled out of small items wheeled or tossed across the stage and electrified by the swooping mixes of DJ Mikhail Fiksel. Fast paced and ‘turned outwards,’ asking our thinking caps to crown their kings, it’s tooled primarily for Chicago youths but Ramirez eloquent turns of phrase can sneak up and catch one unawares, like a slap or a kiss.

The six ensemble members make the show vibrate with happenings. They impersonate Baseball stadium grounds keepers, Mexican villagers and video game characters ( this last with particular detail) with full body abandon. Danielle Davis in particular excels in seizing the show: from her turn as cousin telling a tale of the Red Line Monster, to a drummer illustrating Christopher Acevedo’s adventures (matching his own earnest acrobatics) to brave and bluff voiced girl who sings and spits beats against the devil for her father’s soul. That same devil (Jeffery Freelon) is a marvel of smooth, buttery movement; a wickedly delicious charmer. Alyssa Vera Ramos sparks as a spunky eleven year old and Nelson Rodriguez sweetens as a blustering elder. In what is sometimes a mashed collection, their collective talent for showcasing each individual skill keeps the light burning and the beat alive.


by Ben Kemper



Fridays at 7:00 Saturdays at 4:00

Vittum Theater 1012 N Noble (near Division Blue Line Stop)

One hour with no intermission

Tickets available at

For more information on this or other Chicago productions visit www.theaterinchicago.con

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