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A Death Story

September 18, 2013 Reviews Comments Off on A Death Story

Terminus – Interrobang Theatre Project

Terminus-1The lives of A (Christina Hall), B (Michaela Petro) and C (Kevin Barry Crowley) are strung together by a series of monologues, depicting some of the gruesome horrors of death. A is trying to save a former student, who is about to take a life. B has a demon that is about to take her life, but falling in love ends up being her saving grace. C made a deal with the devil and has gained the unfortunate habit of taking a few lives himself.

Mark O’Rowe’s Terminus, is the live depiction of a nightmare. To clarify, not a production, writing or theatrical nightmare, but actual horrifying stories that leave just enough of a creep on your mind, you might need a distraction before the night’s slumber.

That might be a bit dramatic.

Nevertheless, though Terminus is very supernatural in content, with plenty of comedic rhythms, there is a grounded-ness to O’Rowe’s writing that doesn’t make the stories too farfetched.

Specifically, with this production, Interrobang Theater Project had everything in place. From a design aspect, it appeared to be one of the most cohesive productions I’ve seen recently. But the icing on top of this near perfect-layered cake is the cast. Hall, Petro and Crowley are an ensemble that is desirable to see in Chicago. It is incredibly apparent that the three cast members have such a clear understanding of the rhythm and stories they are trying to tell, you cannot help but get lost in their words. Not to mention all three do flawless Irish dialects with the help of dialect coach Lindsay Bartlett.

Director Jeffry Stanton, co-artistic director of Interrobang Theatre Project, has carefully sculpted a theatrical gem. Stanton’s used the space with great specificity and poignancy, making sure each and every movement contributed only to the arch of the piece.

Terminus is a MUST SEE piece of Chicago theater. However, my one suggestion would be to wear a jacket. The theater was almost unbearably cold.

**Highly Recommended**

Review by Dan Haymes

Terminus runs NOW through October 6th 2013 at the Athenaeum Theatre.
Located at 2936 N Southport in Chicago.

Playwright: Mark O’Rowe
Director: Jeffry Stanton

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