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Praise for Gift Theatre

September 18, 2012 Reviews Comments Off on Praise for Gift Theatre


REVIEWED BY : Frank Meccia

How do you take a liberal yuppie investment banker married to a pregnant Eco-friendly social liberal who is now unemployed due to self consciousness make money., in a capitalist world ? For the answer you have to see Andrew Hinderaker's new play “Dirty” at the Gift Theatre. Hinderaker last teamed up with Michael Patrick Thornton in the 2010 premier of Suicide,Incorporated.

Thornton plays an investment banker who no longer can put up with his job, but is struck with a business idea that can net him millions incorporated with his wife, yet everyone thinks his idea is more vile then the job he just left. “Dirty”is a great play that mixes humor and porn into 2hours and 10 mins of great enjoyment.

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Led by a great cast, Paul D'Addario (Terry) plays the shrew investment banker with the no-moral side. Hillary Clemens plays Katie his eco-friendly social liberal with a cause wife. And for her Gift Theatre debut Mouzam Makkar as the cover girl Mikayla.

I really enjoyed the Scenic Design created by Courtney O'Neill. This Jeff Award winner shows her talent in this small theater. .Jonathan Berry (Director) who's prior work at Gift include Suicide Incorporated, shows how a good drama with a great cast can work so well in a small theater.

Dirty” gets a high recommendation

Dirty” plays till November 18th. Tickets can be purchased at .or call the box office  773-283-7071


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