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'The People's Barnum' at Quest

February 15, 2012 Reviews Comments Off on 'The People's Barnum' at Quest

By Devlyn Camp

Quest Theatre Ensemble’s mission is to create theater for the non-theatergoer in Chicago (surprisingly, there are some out there!). This is why they make a

huge effort to make their productions free to everyone. If you watched our television show this morning (CANTV, Channel 19 on Comcast), you might have heard Jason Bowen, a founding member of Quest, call their productions “gateway” shows into more Chicago theater. Their goal is to get more people interested in live theater, which is a pretty important goal if you ask anyone involved in the arts.

Bowen is currently leading The People’s Barnum at Quest, which, as mentioned, is free. The musical is a fantastic night for kids, as it is circus-themed and visually exciting. There are several songs and character voices to keep momentum moving. While the bar isn’t set high for great quality theater, it’s the perfect evening to get the kids acquainted with live shows and let them hoot and holler as excitedly as they wish.

Quest Theatre Ensemble
Through March 18, 2012
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