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‘Superior Donuts’ Uptown at Mary-Arrchie

February 21, 2012 Reviews Comments Off on ‘Superior Donuts’ Uptown at Mary-Arrchie

By Devlyn Camp

Mary-Arrchie Theatre Company’s latest production is not the most riveting work in the city to see right now, but I will say this: Superior Donuts is the best play I have ever seen at Mary-Arrchie. Their production of the Tracy Letts play is above their average standard because of the on-stage talent. Richard Cotovsky and Preston Tate, Jr. make a great duo in the leading donut shop workers, Arthur and Franco, as they present Letts’s comments on current racial issues and ways of life with an edge of decent comedy.

The Donuts set design is interesting, but not the most exciting compared to other productions (ie. Steppenwolf debut of the play, among others), but Arrchie makes due with their small space. At the top of the show when the shop is being looked over by police after an overnight break-in, the place is delicately destroyed in an unrealistic manner. Sugar packets are almost strategically placed across the counter; knick-knacks are knocked over just perfectly. It’s unlikely that vandals would commit such a silly crime.

While it has its flaws (seconds-off lighting cues among the worst, and most distracting) Mary-Arrchie puts a decent work together that honors the quick and brilliant words of Letts. Perhaps this is a new step in an exciting direction for them. Or perhaps just a happy, exciting accident.

Mary-Arrchie Theatre Co.
Through March 25, 2012
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Richard Cotovsky, Preston Tate, Jr.; photo courtesy Mary-Arrchie Theatre Co.

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