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The Boy in Black at Royal George Theatre

October 16, 2011 Reviews Comments Off on The Boy in Black at Royal George Theatre

By Devlyn Camp

Chicago Fusion Theatre at the Royal George Theatre is presenting a season of works by Tony Meneses, beginning with The Boy in Black. Their black box production is quirky and cute, but overall sits at average. The play follows a boy who is surrounded by people whose names and personalities are based on the colors they wear. Those who wear colors have found love, and the boy in black, obviously, has not. It’s easy to see that this particular production isn’t at fault for an average show; the story is less than subpar. Fusion’s production probably improves on the unfortunate script. There’s some decent acting and funny jokes here and there. In fact, the best part of the show is a running gag that has little to do with the plot, in which a pretty woman named Ms. Pink and her large Hispanic lover Mr. Pink keep popping up to do cute couple things and rub their puppy love in everyone’s faces.

The cast pushes through, whether the set is falling down or props are misplaced. Sometimes the best part of black box theatre is watching crew and cast recuperate from mistakes, especially if they can acknowledge it and make it a joke. Among other shows opening, The Boy in Black is certainly not the worst. This production takes what they’re given and has the most fun they possibly can with college-level talent.

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