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Seven Less-Than-Scary Stories at Pastime

October 4, 2011 Reviews Comments Off on Seven Less-Than-Scary Stories at Pastime

By Devlyn Camp

Clock Productions at National Pastime Theater is currently presenting “Seven Scary Stories.” As the title here suggests, this work is far from scary. In fact, they’re barely “stories.” Just “seven” pieces. In an attempt at a Halloween show, the simple, dull script hardly communicates feelings of trepidation or anxiety. The costumes are cheap, the jokes are lame, and the acting is less than average. After a bit, one might think this is an attempt at some kind of camp, like The Evil Dead or Killer Klowns from Outer Space, but it’s somewhere lost in between comedy and drama. The actors’ gumption is, of course, half-baked as they push through such an unsuccessful script by David Denman. There are plot holes, unlearned lines, and frankly, a complete Young Frankenstein rip-off. There comes a point in production when an artist must look at their work, admit it’s not right, and head back to the drawing board. This is that moment.


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