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Blue Skies Above Steep Theatre

October 16, 2011 Reviews Comments Off on Blue Skies Above Steep Theatre

By Devlyn Camp

Steep Theatre Company is presenting a three-act play in its Midwest premiere to launch their eleventh season. Under the Blue Sky is set on an interesting three-part stage including a functional kitchen, large bedroom and patio, with the audience at each side. The play by David Eldridge covers moments with six British schoolteachers in their romantic entanglements together and the controversy following. It’s a bit soapy, which can be a bit fun. At points, the plot feels slow and drags, but this is the dramatic build to the next knife brandishing or fantastically articulated monologue. Julia Siple’s wacky boozer character hilariously stomps all over her seemingly unimpassioned lover in a messy sex scene. There are loud fights, lots of wine, and some pretty exceptional acting from these sex-crazed teachers. The big issue: a two-hour play, three rather long scenes, and no intermission. Luckily enough, the talent of good actors can upstage that desire for overpriced concessions.

Steep Theatre Company
Now through November 19th
Tickets $20-22, available at
or call (866) 811-4111
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