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Poco brings a bit of nostalgia to City Winery

October 27, 2017 concert reviews No Comments

Poco – City Winery


For the last few years I have had the good fortune of seeing many of the bands I grew up with. Some of them have been playing for decades and sound as good as they always did.  For many of us music stirs up all sorts of emotions. It  can bring you back to times in your life that were simpler or filled with memories.  On Wednesday night at City Winery this is how it felt.

The night began with Empty Pockets which there was nothing empty about. The husband and wife team Josh and Erika (minus a few band members) were a powerhouse duo. With their rich harmonies, bluesy and soulful sound they were the perfect opening act. I will definitely  be back to see their upcoming show in December. 

The mostly middle age crowd cheered as Poco took the stage with Rusty Young at the helm. He began the evening telling us how beautiful Chicago was (with the exception of one building.) After a few jabs and a battery malfunction we were ready for some music. From his first album in a decade it was “time for the boys to make a little noise” a playful fun country rock tune from the title of his album Fired Up. Mixed in with his new music were some of the old classics “Rose of Cimmaron,” “Heart of the Night,” and “Crazy Love.” The multi talented band consisted of Jack Sundrud, Michael Webb and Rick Lanow (formerly of the Flying Burrito Brothers.) We also heard a moody ‘Hard Country” sung by Jack about being a farmer. Throughout the show he made reference to some of his former bandmates, Richie Furay, Jim Messina and Randy Meisner. The evening ended with a song by Timothy B. Schmidt “Keep on Trying.” It was just one of those nights you wished could go on longer. 

Rusty told us that next year Poco will be celebrating their 50th year. The beauty of these bands that have had such longevity is you would never guess they have been performing so long. Their sound and energy feel like we are all in a time warp. While through the years some of the players have changed, the songs remain as timeless and special as they have always been. 

For anyone looking for an evening to sit back, relax, enjoy some great food and drinks and forget all about the craziness in the world City Winery is the place to be. 

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Reviewed by Gayle Kirshenbaum

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