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The Sweetest Thing

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Choir Boy at Raven Theater


At the Charles R. Drew Prep School for boys decorum rains supreme. Headmaster Marrow (Robert D. Hardaway) demands that every student do his best to be true

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Girl Power at its Finest

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Taming of the Shrew – Chicago Shakespeare Theatre


In Artistic Director Barbara Gaines’ exquisitely reimagined new production, audiences, both new to the Bard and old friends of his witty works, will be in

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Pixies at Chicago Theatre

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The Pixies at The Chicago Theater
I knew there was a huge cult following of The Pixies but didn’t realize the generational span I would encounter at the show.  Next to me was a 22 year old on one side who knew every lyric to each and everyone of the 30ish songs played and a fifty something who casually smiled and nodded throughout the show.  
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