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The Perfume of Power

January 13, 2014 Comments Off on The Perfume of Power

Sweet Smell of Success

thumbs__t4c9634In 1952 New York City a small-time performer could suddenly become a big name celebrity overnight, thanks to newspaper columnists like JJ Hunsecker. His subtle, enigmatic mention in his column of a venue, an event or an up-and-coming star was akin to someone appearing in today’s National Enquirer, on TV shows like TMZ or sounding off on Twitter. Into Hunsecker’s world comes aspiring young press agent Sidney Falco who hungers for the same power and prestige. When JJ’s pretty younger sister Susan, whom he feels he must protect and shelter, falls in love with Dallas Cochran, a talented but struggling young pianist, Hunsecker promises to help Sidney’s career if he’ll destroy their relationship. JJ’s corrupt influence and control infuses this story of absolute power corrupting absolutely.

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