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Eastland the Forgotten Disaster Gets a New Life

June 27, 2012 Reviews Comments Off on Eastland the Forgotten Disaster Gets a New Life

Eastland: A New Musical

Reviewed by Frank Meccia

Lookingglass Theatre is ending their season  with a new musical premier, Eastland: The Musical. Inspired by Jay Bonansinga’s The Sinking of the Eastland: America’s Forgotten Tragedy. Directed by Andrew White and music by Ben Sussman and Andre Pluess. This talented ensemble keeps you truly motivated for the entire 100 minutes.

The SS Eastland was a passenger ship based in Chicago and used for tours. On July 24, 1915 the ship rolled over while tied to a dock in the Chicago River. A total of 844 passengers and crew were killed in what was to become th

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e largest loss of life disaster from a single shipwreck on the Great Lakes.

The staging makes you feel like you’re on this great ship, you feel the pain and fear these passengers felt when the ship rolled over. The music is both haunting and pleasing for this new musical.

I recommend this musical for history buffs and families. With the location of this great theatre in the Water Tower pumping station, and being on Michigan Ave, a family can get a true sense of this wonderful city  at night.


Lookingglass Theatre 821 N Michigan Ave Chicago


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