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Aladdin: Classic Disney story is flashy family fun

August 2, 2011 Reviews Comments Off on Aladdin: Classic Disney story is flashy family fun


t-size: medium;”> at The Marriott Theater in Lincolnshire

Runs July 14-August 14

Box Office (847) 634-0200; $15


Classic Disney story is flashy family fun

Review by Darcy Rose Coussens

The best examples of theater for young audiences are those that captivate all audiences. Marriott succeeds in delivering a fun performance for the whole family, including favorite songs and plenty of laughs. This “for young audiences” version of Aladdin provided a wonderful theatrical experience for a range of youngsters.

The portrayal of such beloved characters can be tricky (I’ve had a thing for Aladdin forever, and I revered Jasmine as a young girl) and the actors did a fine job with this Disney musical. Although our Jasmine (Christine Bunuan) and occasionally Aladdin (Jameson Cooper) fell into the cartoon-like fake voices so often used with kids, the cast was great overall. The Genie (Bernie Yvon) especially stood out, bringing a giant gust of energy to an antsy audience upon his arrival, and constantly laughing and joking with the characters and the kids. Iago the parrot and his puppeteer (Debbie Laumand-Blanc) also interacted with the audience, keeping them engaged for the duration of the show.

The young audience members certainly enjoyed the performance, with questions and even a statement after the show: “I love you Jasmine.” Parents enjoyed the performance as well. I even overheard one parent’s remark about the high level of quality “for a children’s show.” It’s great to see theaters respect kids. I’d like to see Marriott tackle something a little less mainstream, since Disney is already so accessible. According to the Q&A session most of the audience had been there before, and hopefully many will return.


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